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星象 Constellations

獵戶、飛鷹、仙女、船隻、毒蠍。 宇宙是紙頁,星球是散落的字,被虛線連成神話與指南。 我則用實線梭縫,投影駐紮於過往的生靈,召喚它們在紙上夜巡,或許似曾相似、或許擦肩而過,我沿路撿拾記憶的碎片,若有似無的拼湊新的章節。 



Orion, Aquila, Andromeda, Carina, and Scorpio; the universe is a piece of paper, and the planets are scattered words, connected with dotted lines into myths and guides. I, using solid lines, stitch up and project the past creatures, to summon them on a piece of paper for the night watch. With a deja vu and familiar feeling, I pick up pieces of memories along 

the way to put together a new chapter in an equivocal way. 


I used mixed media that included transfer printing, stitch, and ink materials in turn to complete the work. While processing the final stage of ink material, I took the work as a 

plate and interpreted it by a single wooden plate block pressing. The ink was thick, so I had only one chance to print. Both the block print and the work are a creation, but the block print resembles more the original work in the transfer printing stage. There seemed to be some form of endless cycle like transmigration between the work and the block print. 

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